What is handicapbetting?

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Handicapbetting is a means for book makers to level the playingfield in a sporting event. As stated in the official definition of handicap, a handicap is “a condition that makes advancement or achievement difficult.” The Bookies provide a ‘handicap’ to one of the participants in an event, which they must over come in order to win. Coinplaystar gives you these bets with high odds.

This is especiallytruewhenoneteam is significantly better than the other. To level the playingfield, book makers will provide additional odds than just win/draw/lose, such as a handicap bet in whichoneteammustachievecertainconditions in orderforyourwagerto be successful.

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This is also known as spread betting or line betting, and it is a tactic that gives one team a goal advantage or disadvantage in order to balance the betting odds. Itaids in the overturning of a disadvantage that the weaker team has at the start of the game. This type of betting is popular in both the UK and Europe, and it can be found on all major UK betting platforms, including the new ones. Let’s look at some examples to better understand handicapbetting. You can bet on theseeasily on Coinplaystar.

Let’spretendyou’rebetting on a gamebetween Liverpool and Chelsea.

When the handicap is a decimal number, it is referred to as a no draw handicap bet. Becausehalf-goals do not exist in football, it is name dafter the fact that it precludes the prospect of a game ending in a draw. When a team is assigned as a half handicap, which means that while the game’s outcome may be a tie, the bet’s outcome won’t be a tie. Here’s how it relates to the prior scenario. The book maker declares a 1.5 handicap, as follows:

Chelsea (-1.5) versus Liverpool (1.5)

Let’s look at the differences between regular handicap sportsbetting and no-draw sportsbetting.

Aston Villa had an earlylead in the game.

Interms of betting, there is no chance of a draw because the lead is greater than one goal but less than two.

If you bet on United, they must score two goals in orderforyoutowin.

Villa must either win, draw, orlose 1-0 if you’re betting on them (for a total of 1.5 to 1).

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