Coinplaystar e-sports betting with high odds

coinplaystar e-sports betting on high odds

The online betting industry has progressed considerably in recent years. However, it is possible to say that the transition to the online platform has started in various sports branches in the same way. E-sports games are organized professional tournaments over various computer-based games.

At this point, Coinplaystar , which follows the current market and adds innovations to its system, pleases its members in this regard. With the increasing interest in platforms such as Twitch in recent years, we can say that e-sports has developed more than ever before.

Undoubtedly, we will put first among the games here, League of Legends, in short, LOL. The game, which has millions of active players around the world, also hosts major tournaments. In the image below, we can see the magnitude of the interest in the tournament.

What are the online betting options on e-sports games?

It is divided into two basic groups, which can be said as common for all game types. First of all, there are tournament bets. In other words, they are bets such as who will be the winner of the tournament being played. After that, bets can be placed on each match separately. Coinplaystar offers a wide variety of bets on this subject to its members.

Coinplaystar offers a wide range of betting options. In this way, users can participate in the bets they want at high odds.

Coinplaystar comes up with dozens of options in bets within the games we mentioned. For example, it is possible to place bets even on the map. There are bets on the winner of the first map, the round, that is, the number of hands. In addition, there are also upside-down bets on the number of rounds.

Coinplaystar e-sports betting live

League of Legends
It would not be wrong to put League of Legends in the first place. It’s a video game that has been on the market for over a decade and has millions of players, and it’s pretty big as a company. It is a strategy game Moba type. Of course, there are all bets on Coinplaystar. The game is played with teams of five to five and its tournaments give prizes of millions of dollars.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
In short, the video game we know as CS: GO is also in front of us as e-sports. He has professional competitions with many teams in Europe and America. The game is played with teams of five to five. It is a type of game that is called FPS and is played by aiming.

Apart from League of Legends, which we have stated as the most played e-sports games, we can also list other games. One of the most popular of these is DOTA2 and the other is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. But with the growing number of professional companies, we see that their diversity will increase as well. Valorant, which LOL manufacturers launched this year, is an example of this. We predict that we will see Valorant in Coinplaystar e-sports betting as soon as possible.

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