Euro 2020 has kicked off a few days and best European football teams compete against each other. The European tournament was supposed to take place last year, however it was delayed to this year. Now the tournament is played in 11 different European countries. So it is an European-wide tournament. Do you know what teams are playing? There are currently 24 teams and 6 groups. Let’s take a look the groups:

A Group: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales

B Group: Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Finland

C Group Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria, North Macedonia

Group D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland

Group E: Spain, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia

EURO 2020 Football Betting

France has beaten Germany 1-0 last night and it is one of candidates that could win the tournament. If you do have any kind of guess, you can turn this into money. With CoinPlayStar, you can wager EURO 2020 bets and make some money. There are some surprises when it comes football games. CoinPlayStar offers the best odds and you can safely place your bets. It continues to be a reliable betting platform for all football fans.

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-CoinPlayStar Team

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