Online Casino Gambling History

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Online casino games have changed gambling since its introduction. Many of us now prefer online casino over traditional casinos. Because online casino sites offer better bonuses and promotions. In this blog post, we will talk about the history of online casinos. Thanks to high-speed internet we now live in an era of prosperity.

Online Casino Gambling

In 2021, we cannot think a life without internet. Since the end 1990s, online casino has been popular. Today, trusted betting sites such as CoinPlayStar are quite popular. Sports betting, casino and slot games can be enjoyed with a device connected to internet. The first internet casino was established in 1994. You may have heard about it: Microgaming. The giant software developed launched its gambling software specifically for online betting and gambling platform. It has helped the industry to grow and now we see an industry that is quite important.

In just 2 years, online gamling sites have grown tremendously. The number of gambling sites increased from 15 to 200. During that time regulation of online gambling sites were lacking. Since it was a new industry, there was no regulation at all. At first countries like the US did not allow for those sites operate. But they were unstoppable.

In 1998 online poker sites emerged, bringing an important card game into people’s lifes. Card games such as Blackjack and Poker remain to be two of most popular games. After 2000, the industry was already overpopulated. There were way too many gambling sites and many bonuses. That’s why we now see way too bonus and free-spin promotions provided by online casino sites.

The online gambling industry now generates billions of dollars annually. Online gambling is estimated to be worth over $56 billion as of 2018. Some countries still do not allow online sites to operate but it is expected that it will change in the future.

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