Coinplaystar betting site review

Betting sites are now popular than ever. Many tipsters use them to make a fortune or simply entertain themselves. Among many betting sites, Coinplaystar proves to be one of best betting sites. It has an amazing interface and very strong customer service. Therefore we cannot just recommend it enough.

CoinPlayStar Customer Support

We all may come across some problems as far as our betting needs are concerned. Not many betting sites offer 24/7 customer service to its clients. You can keep in touch with CPS customer support in just 2 minutes. So you don’t have to wait for too long to get your problem to be resolved. While trying to create a new account, we faced some problems. We just couldn’t receive a confirmation e-mail from the website. However customer support helped us and we finally received a confirmation e-mail. It just took 5 minutes to solve our problem.

User Interface

Minimalism is now a new trend. Do we like it? Not so much. But CoinPlayStar seems to have created a website which is both useful and easy on the eyes. You can create your own lists consisting of your favourite games. It’s really useful and can help you bet on sports games.

Other thing that we really liked is a new feature called ”Smart Betting.” It basically collects your information and tells you to what to bet on. For example you are really good at basketball and you win more whenever you bet on basketball games. The website puts an alarm for you whenever a new game is available. It’s simple but very useful indeed.


We really liked Coinplaystar. It offers too much and it has the best sports betting odds. I wish I could have found it earlier. If you have any questions regarding coinplaystar, you can ask us in the comments below.

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